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The Pre-Shrinking Process

The Pre-Shrinking Process

First we overstretch the fabric, width-wise, to compensate for all the length tension its had in previous processes…to even it out, if you will.

Next it goes through shrink drying chambers. Air blowers tumble the fabric, and the heat triggers the cotton to revert to its natural state as it shrinks and drys the fabric. These shrink dryers are $1 Million each so it’s no wonder many manufacturers skip this step or do their own subpar version of this. 

Next the fabric goes through a compactor which compresses the length of the fabric, using steam, making it physically shorter since the length is where most of the shrinkage tends to occur. We guarantee a shrinkage rate of 5% x 5% meaning the absolute most it will shrink is 5% in both the length and width. It’s always good to leave room for a little shrinkage so you don’t have the opposite problem–which would be the tee stretching out.  

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